Class 1

What Class 1 will be learning this year!

2016/2017 Academic Year


What busy bees we are! We have been hunting for creepy crawlies at home as well as at school. When all the class 1 explorers brought their research results back to school we put it all together and had found 25 different kinds of creatures. We made our own book about them with information about their name, what they looked like, their habitat and how many we found.

We have done lots of maths work in this topic including doubling numbers (on our ladybirds) and making repeating patterns (on caterpillars). Literacy has included making up our own story about ‘The Very Hungry Larva’ who emerged from the pond to become a beautiful dragonfly. We also enjoyed a story called ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. Look at the pictures of some of our own superworm designs.

The gorgeous bugs were painted by children who mixed their own colours using only red, yellow and blue powder paints. They concentrated really carefully.

The bird’s nest was fascinating. We examined it really carefully to see what the bird had used to make it. Don’t worry about the baby birds – the nest was an old one from last year.



We love our dinosaur topic. Lots of the children brought things from home to show to us including storybooks, reference books and models. Ira even brought his mummy! She works at the Leeds Discovery Centre and knows LOTS about museums. She showed us how archaeologists dig for fossils and helped us to find and assemble a real deer skeleton. You can also see the photograph of the museum that we set up in our classroom.

We made a ‘dinosaur swamp’ in our role play area that was very exciting. We were very, very pleased to be visited by a REAL dinosaur. He was a hesperosaurus called Darwin who had come from America on his holidays! He didn't come inside so we wrote notes to him and left them outside. We set up a camera one night and managed to get a photo of his tail!

Enter the Dragon!!

We learnt lots about the festival of Chinese New Year. The dragons were one of our favourite things. Look at us dancing all together in our costume! We showed our paintings in good work assembly and Mr Perrin asked us to put them on display in the school hall for everyone to see. Mrs Marney set up a Chinese restaurant for us where we all had a turn at making and tasting a vegetable stir fry feast. 

It's Christmas!!

Christmas is ALWAYS a good time to be in Class 1! Look at our photographs to see some of the fun we had at our party. Our concert was really fantastic. It was called ‘Lights, Camel, Action.’ We were ballet dancers, line dancers and groovy disco dancers.

Brrrrrr, Winter Is Here!!

We have been learning about the Arctic and Antarctic. We did lots of research and made information posters about lots of different animals that live in really cold places. We also investigated ice and did lots of experiments about freezing and melting. We also experimented with mixing our own paints to create lots of different shades of wintery blue and grey. Our role play area was all about the film ‘Frozen’ – lots of singing and dancing happened there… as well as going on arctic explorations and camping out in our igloo!

Autumn Term

We have been very busy during the Autumn. We enjoyed collecting LOTS of leaves, pine cones, conkers etc which we found when out and about. We used them for all sorts of things including artwork, sorting and making patterns. Two stories which we enjoyed were ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and ‘The Little Red Hen’. We learnt how to make bread and also used yeast to blow up balloons! We dressed up for Halloween and made pumpkin lanterns. Lots of children went ‘Trick or Treating’ with their families and told us all about their adventures the next day at school. We also learnt about Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, and made diva lamps using paper plates.


Welcome Back!

It is really good to be back at school again with our friends. We are also enjoying meeting the new children who have joined us. Everyone is settling in nicely and doing lots of different things. Look at our photographs to see some of the things we have been up to. We are learning about ‘Ourselves’ and have been thinking about our emotions.  We are also learning about ways to stay physically healthy such as eating a variety of foods and getting lots of exercise.