Class 3

Academic Year 2018/2019


Spring Term

Spring Term 1 - Stones N Bones.

We've been active in Class 3 over the first part of the Spring Term!

  • As an introduction to our topic - Stones N Bones, we dissected some (pretend!) Stone Age poo.
  • We did cave paintings under the tables.
  • We made Stone Age hand print paintings using spray bottles of paint.
  • We made our own Stone Age paint using charcoal and we painted with it.
  • We worked in groups to make models of Stonehenge, using salt dough.
  • We worked on our colour mixing skills by painting sunset silhouette pictures.
  • We sorted rock samples according to the types of rocks they were and how they were formed.
  • We investigated soil permeability.
  • We examined real fossils and then made some of our own using salt dough.
  • We learnt how to fence with Darren from Fitfence.
  • We tried some rhythmic gymnastics using bean bags, balls and hoops.

......and of course we've been doing English and Maths as well!!!

Autumn Term

We’ve been busy in Class 3 over the Autumn Term!

  • Dancing with Millie - Musical theatre; The Greatest Showman.
  • Trying Mayan food as part of our topic about The Ancient Maya.
  • As part our topic about Local Geography we went about exploring our local village.
  • We worked with Miss Marney (a final year student teacher) and experimented with making and changing sounds
  • We made musical instruments as part of our Sound topic.
  • As part our topic about Ancient Egypt we took part in an archaeology workshop with Jeffery Andrews.
  • Also as part of out Egypt topic we made cartouche bookmarks with our names written in hieroglyphics on, we turned ourselves into Egyptian pharaohs and made mod roc Egyptian funeral masks
  • Christmas fun - we baked Christmas treats, had our Christmas dinner and enjoyed our Christmas party.
  • We painted some snowy woods pictures inspired by a poem.
  • Termly RE day - How are beliefs expressed through the arts. We listened to different music and discussed how it made us feel. Then we put some psalms to music.