Class 4

Academic Year 2018/2019


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Spring Term

We've had creative and action packed first half of this Spring Term in Class 4!

So far we have:

  • Made pin hole cameras as part of our science topic
  • We learnt about the story of the Willow Patterned Plate and made one ourselves!
  • To celebrate the Chinese New Year we made Chinese Lanterns and Chinese Dragon fireworks
  • To keep us going we made Vegetable Spring Rolls - they were delicious!
  • We read 'The Fire Makers Daughter' and wrote a description of Razvani's (the fire fiend) cave
  • To top it all off we had a go at Fencing! It was fantastic!


Autumn Term

Our World War One Black Out Poetry for the Centenary

Building our Hogsmeade Village

Our Picasso Art for European Day of Languages