At Heptonstall School, our Recovery Curriculum for the academic year 2020-2021 will be led by the needs of our children. This will include:

  • Working through well sequenced, purposeful schemes of work and plans. This will include focussing on key missed objectives in all subjects and consolidating basic skills to enable successful learning. Basic skills will include handwriting, spelling, sentence punctuation, times tables recall, key maths skills (eg addition and subtraction) and age appropriate reading skills.
  • Additional lessons on core teaching but not at the expense of a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum. Initially this might include shorter lessons to aid and enable concentration.
  • An assessment of learning and basic skills to identify any major gaps to enable teachers to adapt teaching accordingly.
  • Time spent on mental health and wellbeing to support pupils who have found lockdown difficult or who have trouble in settling back into school life and routines.
  • For some children, this will also include additional support and focus on basic core skills and additional time to practise basic skills.

Our Recovery Curriculum IS NOT:

  • Cramming for missed learning
  • Pressurising children and families into rapid learning
  • Teachers spending time highlighting missed objectives or completing additional tracking.

As a result of the government funding through the catch-up premium, Heptonstall School will receive £5,920. This money will be used to provide training for staff to deliver tailored ‘catch-up’ support, to identify pupils in need of additional support and put programmes in place to improve the outcomes for these children.                                             
Our Recovery Curriculum Action Plan provides an outline of the work which will be completed within school to support pupils on their return to school along with the reasoning behind our decisions but this should not be seen as exhaustive as we will respond to the needs of our children when the need arises.