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Early Years and Foundation Stage

What to Expect When, published by “Action For Children” -a parent’s guide to the EYFS -has recently been rebranded.  The purpose of this booklet is to help parents and carers find out more about how their child is learning and developing during their first five years in relation to the EYFS. Click on the link below to download the booklet.


What to Expect When


You can find advice and information on the new national standards in English Writing at each Key Stage by clicking on the relevant links below:

KS1 Working Towards                                               KS2 Working Towards

KS1 Expected                                                             KS2 Expected

KS1 Greater Depth                                                     KS2 Greater Depth


Here are the “handwritten” examples without annotation:

KS1 Working Towards Without Annotation             KS2 Working Towards Without Annotation

KS1 Expected Without Annotation                           KS2 Expected Without Annotation

KS1 Greater Depth Without Annotation                   KS2 Greater Depth Without Annotation 


Flood Hardship Grant

Did you know that if you were affected by the flooding you can still apply for financial support from Calderdale Council?

The Council has lifted the deadline for parents to apply for the £500 hardship grant and the Repair and Renew Grant (up to £5000) to protect buildings in the future following the floods.

You can download information from the Council here.



A Guide for Parents on Extremism and Radicalisation

Free School Meals

Advice about free school meals can be found on the Menus page.

Head Lice

What they are, how to spot them and how to treat them...

The Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group have produced a leaflet which should help to answer all these questions.